IT Business Analysis

We work with client to ensure they are solving the right problem, building the right solution, and developing the appropriate level of documentation ensuring developers know exactly what to build.

Every project begins with a business case, but are you sure your doing the right project?  Our starting point is always analysis to determine what the problem is the client needs solved and what goals the client wants to achieve.

In order to have the best chance of getting projects approved, the business case must be clearly defined with business goals and business requirements.  Just as important, it must also have measureable benefits to be sure the client is clear what return on investment (ROI) they can expect.  We have years of experience working with clients to develop business cases and the underlying benefits.

User focused together with detailed functional requirements are the backbone of every solution design.  Be sure they are clear, correct and complete so developers are not left guessing.

Business analysis and requirements definition supports organizational change managment by providing detailed information used in development of the change managment plan, communications, and training material.  Process documentation and definition is one of the most significant techniques in the business analysis toolkit.  Having a defined process the business team collaborated to define helps the team work with the business analyst to determine the system requirements.  It will also provide a path for structuring requirements documentation in an logical order.