Process Documentation and Definition

A process that worked yesterday may not work today.  If your business changes  documenting your current process(es) provides you the perspective of where you are starting from. 

Process documentation and definition plays three roles:

  • Technology is not always the answer,  process change can drive achievement of goals by itself.
  • Process definition plays an important role in determining the requirements of a technolgy based solution.  The business team must understand the steps within a process, to determine what is required by the system to accomplish each step.
  • Process documentation together with requirements definition is a conduit to change management and user training.  If leverage the  business analyst and change manager can work to together identifying the specific changes and the level of impact for each stakeholder.

 Process definition is one of the most significant techniques in the business analysis toolkit.  Process documentation supports organizational change managment by providing information that is used in development of the change managment plan.